We cannot thank you enough fro everything you've done to make our parents' lives - and therefore OUR lives - better. Your guidance and professional help have been invaluable. " Lawrence N.

Organization Spotlight – Meals on Wheels

I’m proud to serve as a member of this organization.  Below is an excerpt from a news story that recently aired on KSDK.  Watch the video from the link provided below.

ST LOUIS – Once a week, Rick Schuster gets behind the wheel of his truck and he gets very happy.

“I do it because I actually get more enjoyment out of doing it,” Schuster said.

It’s not a joy ride or anything like that. Once a week, Rick Schuster volunteers at Meals on Wheels to bring hot food to people who are very happy to see him.

“I  enjoy listening to their stories and I and I enjoy my time with them,” he said.

“Once people provide the service they are hooked,” said Mary Schaefer, the executive director of the Mid East Area Agency on Aging.

Schaefer says when volunteers like Rick hit the road to deliver meals they’re bringing a lot more than just food.

“Sometimes those people who deliver the meals are the only people the homebound people see all day.”

There is no cost to receive food from Meals on Wheels.


Brain Games – Professional Women’s Alliance

I spoke to the Professional Women’s Alliance about Brain Games and How to Maximize Memory on November 2, 2016 at the Living the Dream Symposium. We are living longer than we ever have so it is even more important now that we actively practice wellness. We need to eat right, exercise our bodies and our brains, socialize, practice calm and have a sense of purpose. By exercising our brain, we create greater connections of the synapses and stronger neuro-plasticity. At any age we can build a quicker brain with a stronger capacity to learn and greatly impact our long term ability to remember important facts.

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