We are Proud to Offer Dementia Support

Our Dementia Support is available to families and caregivers, providing education and coaching throughout the various stages of memory loss. No matter the circumstance, we meet you where you are, making improvements to everyday life. We are able to customize specific brain activities, using the interests and strengths of each and every individual we assist.  The activities serve to nurture confidence and improved connections.

Who would benefit from Dementia Support?
A loved one who lives in a facility and doesn’t feel comfortable engaging in community programs and would prefer having one on one cognitive coaching.

“Many people tried to engage my husband with little success. It took their creativity and positive approach for my husband to agree to get out of his room and have some fun. Before COVID, they enjoyed exploring museums, going to Blues hockey practices, libraries, gyms, coffee shops until his facility went on lock down. Now they do virtual tours, conference calls, online projects, and trivia challenges. They have been a lifeline.” -Heather

A family member who lives on his or her own, but needs extra support to participate in cognitive activities.

Truthfully, I wish I could be with my sister during this awful time, when she is slipping away slowly. I love that her team of caregivers encourage her to paint, and DO IT WITH HER! I love that they do meditation together. And I especially like when they get her to call me and all three of us converse.” Julie~

An individual who wants to continue to exercise his/her brain in a fun and nonthreatening way.

I live by myself and started having difficulty with instant recall. It is very disturbing to have memory issues. We do memory games and she teaches me memory techniques. I appreciate her intelligence and her desire to help. It is uplifting to be with her.”-Jackie


“At Memory Care Home Solutions, we love sending clients to CCM because we know they will be encouraged to challenge themselves in joyful ways despite their memory changes. They have designed poetry projects, volunteer opportunities, scavenger hunts, and countless other meaningful and enriching activities.” -Jill Cigliana, Program Director – Memory Care Home Solutions