Care Management Services

Care Management Services include assistance with:

  • Consultation and Assessment of Needs
  • Plan of Care Development
  • Ongoing Care Management Support
  • Nursing Oversight and Medicine Organization
  • Dementia Support
  • Patient Advocacy and Support
  • Family and Caregiver Coaching
  • Coordination of Medical Appointments and Transportation
  • Conflict Resolution for Family and Loved Ones
  • Referrals to Important Resources and Providers
  • Disease and Disability Management
  • Home Care, Access to Equipment and Home Modification 
  • Community Placement Assistance
  • Insurance and Benefit Qualification
  • Bill Paying and Notary Services
  • Legal and Financial Resources
  • Health Power of Attorney, Guardian Services and Life Care Planning

You will receive a free consultation and explanation of fee prior to the start of services. Certified Care Management, LLC has the tagline ‘Your Personalized Care Consultant’ because you can expect just that…an individualized service that specifically addresses your highest needs and greatest concerns.

What I appreciated most was the speedy responses to text & email, as well as empathy for me as a daughter. She provided affirmation of my sanity, soft introductions and high caliber referrals
Thank you!”Michelle C.


We cannot thank you enough for everything you’ve done to make our parents’ lives – and therefore OUR lives – better. Your guidance and professional help have been invaluable. “Lawrence N.


Abby is a god send. She is taking care of my grandmother with as much compassion and encouragement as I would. I can’t thank you enough for bringing us all together. You and the work of your team after so much !”Kelly A.


For the first time in almost two years we have been able to go visit our grand children in Salt Lake City. Sharon has found exceptional health care workers who my parents adore and we feel comfortable leaving them with. “Marsha GK.


You certainly fulfilled the mission that we had sought after you for. The original objective was to supplement Mom’s care with more medical attention of the variety of other skills that would come to serve her interests. As far as I am concerned this is exactly what we accomplished and I am very grateful for your involvement during Mom’s last year of her life. Your personal skills and the organization you have built around that comes with my highest recommendation.”Eric


Sharon is my get it done girl! I never worry for anything when she’s around.” Charlie S.