As a client of Certified Care Management, you can benefit from a variety of Home Care Services!

Your Care Manager and the entire management team will provide guidance and oversight needed to work with private duty caregivers, visiting nurses, and other specialty services.

We take great pride in our community connections and the ability to create the best matches available for you and your loved ones needs!

Caregivers can provide our Clients help with such things as:

Assistance with Activities of Daily Living 
Showers, transfers, dressing, toileting, feeding, fall risk prevention, oral hygiene.

Medicine Assistance
Reminders, track reactions or changes, note when running low.

Meal Making/Healthy Eating
Grocery shopping, snacks, make favorite recipes, help to stay hydrated.

Light Housework
Laundry, dishes, dust, mop, clean shared surfaces, garbage, upkeep.

Games, projects, conversation, outings, pet care.

Encourage Socialization
Call, visit, email, zoom with family and friends, join a group, go on an outing.

Look Good/Feel Good
Fix hair, paint/buff nails, use lotion, massage. 

Errands, doctor appointments, events. 

Pantry, look for expired items, help paperwork, reduce clutter, organize drawers, mail.

Charting Information
Note-taking is important for medical review, to spot trends, and aid family and caregiver communication.

Sleep Hygiene 
Provide a relaxing atmosphere, reduce distractions, share positive thoughts before bed.

Assist with Seasonal Changes
Holiday decor, cleaning out and changing seasonal clothing in closet.

Practice PT exercises, speech therapy, take a walk, stretch.

Brain Exercises & Dementia Support
Use Brain Games listing provided and do such things as listen to music, do puzzles, look at photos, play card games.

Big Projects
Cleaning out a room, cleaning the oven or the refrigerator, doing a scrapbook

Outdoor Events
Gardening, car rides, walks in the park, picking up drive thru or going on a picnic.